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Portuguese is a beautiful language that is spoken in ten different countries worldwide. It is the fastest growing language […]

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When it comes to learning any language, most of us want to learn it as quickly as possible. The […]

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Foreign language programs in training open the doors to learning English, Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, […]

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Why Learn Portuguese

How to Learn Portuguese Quickly

If you are thinking about learning Portuguese then you probably have a reason behind it. Maybe you plan to travel to either Portugal or Brazil, perhaps you have friends or family members you are keen to converse with in their mother tongue, or maybe you just want to take on another challenge as a hobby. Whatever your reason is for wanting to learn the beautiful language of Portuguese there are many ways that can help you learn quickly. The first thing you need to do is decide […]

Build Your Brazilian Portuguese Vocabulary

When it comes to learning a new language, especially for those of us who choose to learn outside of school and on our own, we usually want to learn as quickly as possible. People will go searching the web for answers on “how to learn language X as quickly as possible” etc. But, the reality is, any language takes time to learn. Also, it depends on how in-depth you want to get into any language or do you just want to learn a few phrases. Most folks […]

Teaching the Latin Language in High School

Latin was the language of the Roman Empire. All of the Romance languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, are directly descended from this native tongue. Our own English language is heavily influenced by roots from the Latin Language (as many as 80 percent of our language can be traced to Latin). Today, Ecclesiastical Latin is the official language of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican. With so much influence on our own language coming from Latin, it is surprising that students are not encouraged to […]

Learn Portuguese Online

Portuguese is not one of the more common languages you see taught on courses at colleges or even in schools. Although it is widely spoken it is perhaps not quite as popular as Spanish or French. But there are a lot of learning tools out there for those wishing to learn this romantic language and one of the easiest options is to learn Portuguese online. Online courses can vary in length, depth and of course cost. Many online courses offer a free introduction and you are under […]